LAPD Officer, Juan Sierra, and his Partner, Helps a Lady Deliver her Baby at a gas station (Video)

LAPD Officer Juan Sierra

LAPD Officer, Juan Sierra, and his Partner, has helped a lady to deliver her baby at a gas station in Los Angeles, USA.





The officer who were on duty, played nurse and midwife on Wednesday, August 31, 2022, when they spotted a woman who was screaming in pains, took a closer look at her and saw she was already on the process of child delivery at the entrance of a convenience store at  a local gas station.


According to a video from bodycam footage on Officer Juan Sierra, he was heard as he enquired what was going on, from the soon to be mom;


“Are you having a baby,” she replied “Yes, oh my God.”


The cops quickly rush to help pull the baby out, while the mother’s panting can be heard in the video.

“Come on baby, breathe, breathe, breathe,” 



The officers pull the newborn out and it takes a moment before the baby cries out.


One of the cops hears the noise and says, “The baby is born.”


According to FOX, the woman and baby were transported to a local hospital.


“It happened so fast,” LAPD Officer Juan Sierra told ABC 7.


“Knowing that I was able to contribute in bringing a life to this world — I mean that alone is incomparable,” 




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