Lamidi Apapa Takes Back Seat at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal court After Being Booed (Video)

Lamidi Apapa, the self-acclaimed and acting factional National Chairman, Labour Party, have appeared at the Abuja courthouse where the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal court in Abuja as pre-hearing continues.


Apapa, who was booed out of the court on Wednesday, had yesterday vowed to be in the court on Friday to represent the party.

In an interview on Thursday, Apapa maintained he would return to the tribunal in Abuja, hoping that “Maybe by the next one, I will be recognised”.

According to him, he tried to attend the proceeding on Wednesday to assert his authority as the party’s acting national chairman.


Apapa was, on Friday morning, spotted seated at the back of the courtroom as opposed to the area reserved for Labour Party representatives.





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