Lagos-Ibadan Train Passengers Stranded Midway to Their Destination Because the Train ran out of Diesel due to Fuel Scarcity (Video)

Lagos Ibadan Train Passengers Stranded Midway

Passengers on board Lagos – Ibadan train services are reportedly stranded inside the bush as petrol as their train ran out of diesel. 



Twitter user @isaiahobadare shared the incident for awareness purposes as it happened on Thursday morning. In his tweet, he said;


Boarded Train from Ibadan to Lagos. We’re still stuck in the forest with unknown Chinese Men. They said fuel finished.




What a beautiful country, Nigeria.
#Train #NigerianRailwayStation.




However, some passengers of the train said that an announcement was made, informing them that the train had run out of diesel.



Train stranded midway
Train stranded midway



They were reportedly stranded for about 2 hours before they were supplied a drum of diesel and they refuelled the train and continued on their journey.






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