Lagos Girls Accused of Bestiality For ₦1.5 Million (Photos)

Lagos Girls Accused of Bestiality For ₦1.5 Million

Girls who are mostly commercial s#x workers, have been accused of having s#xual inte!course with dogs owned by rich people in Lagos and get paid as much as ₦1.5 Million for it.



This is coming after a short clip surfaced online on Thursday evening, which shows the moment a dog suspected to be a German Shepherd. owned by an unnamed rich man in Lagos was humping a girl from back as she moans.


Several internet users who saw the video reacted in shame and abolished the the act and the people behind it. Moments later, chats from screenshots started flying around which suggests that the act has been going for a while and not something that started today.



The screenshot from the conversation also reads that these girls now have a plug (a person that connects them) to their respective clients.



In one of the chats that trended, a lady narrated how she started the habit. According to her, she had gone to meet a client who introduced her to the bad habit.



She started doing dogs, but noticed that having it with dogs made her smell. According to the lady, she contracted infection that refused to heal. She used the money she got from the act to treat herself to no avail.








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