Lady who was once broke and jobless in 2016, Gifts herself new house on her birthday, buys new Toyota Tacoma for Father

How you started shouldn’t be a reason you shouldn’t get to your destination and achieve your dreams. This is the story of Ib Macdonald, a Master’s Degree holder who once carried placard with an inscription of all her educational qualifications and begged for job in 2016.




5 years later the story isn’t the same anymore as she has picked up herself from the dust and build herself to become a financially independent woman.


Barely a year after she gifted a herself a new house on her birthday, the self made entrepreneur has gifted her dad a brand new Toyota Tacoma. Posting about on her social media, she said that today is one those days she achieved one of her life long dreams. In her words; 

Today I achieved one of my greatest desires in life. You see this man here, I shed tears anytime I remember how much he loves not just me, but all my siblings. My daddy, my hero, the very best.


Everyone close to me knows how much my dad does for me. From my schools days till date. My dad didn’t let me follow sugar daddies because he was my sugar daddy.



I got everything I needed not because he had excess but he always said “she’s a woman, if I don’t give her, my mates will use it to distract her”. I lived alone in a well furnished self contained in school, AC, câble, TV, fridge, microwave all courtesy of my dad.



He sent me pocket money, hair money, airtime money, monthly. I had allocation for shopping every new session. If I followed any man, it was because I liked the man not because of what he wanted to give me cause I was contented.


When I wanted to go for my masters, my dad supported me and paid my fees, I had to stop him from sending money to me at some point. Cause even when things were tough and I travelled out of the state to look for work, my parents took my kids in and my dad was buying baby food every week for the little one and told us not to bother.


My dad kept giving me Christmas money up until 3 years ago I stopped taking lol. He still gives his grand children. Was it how he kept sending me 10k weekly when I was out of job?



This man here gave me my first major capital to trade even when everyone around me felt I was wasting my time with this bitcoin thing or gambling.


He saw how I didn’t sleep at nights when I came home and he asked what I was doing. He even went online to read about it, then gave me 500k to add and trade.


Daddy I’m all I am today because you loved me. Manage this one for NOW.

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