Lady Narrates how She was Robbed at 2am Sunday Morning and was Dragged [email protected]₤d out of her Apartment

A Nigerian lady has taken to twitter with the handle @ayomibanke, to narrate how a robber broke into her home robbed her beat her and nearly raped her. She narrated how she even lied to the robber that she was pregnant thinking that it’ll make him have change of heart.



In her words, she began by saying;


2am today I was robbed in apete ibadan. Firstly, he removed all the security bulb around the house, tore net to look inside and see who is inside each apt as he saw I was alone in my apt, he used rope to tie my neighbors gate so they won’t be able to help if I shout


I no know wetin he use remove two burglary rod so he could crawl inside my balcony. The next thing I heard was the sound of the kick on the door and a sound slap on the face. He asked for money, picked my phones, asked me for my golds. I said ah I don’t have where I wan see



Money buy gold. He led me outside, I had to crawl through the cut burglary too. Then he led me on to an uncompleted building. I WAS NAKED AND BAREFOOT. He just kept on saying if I make a sound he will shoot my legs and I should keep moving. When we got to the building


He asked me to kneel down. I even lied I’m pregnant thinking it will persuade him to leave me. He was like good his accomplices are looking for pregnant woman to use for ritual, that was when I knew I had to escape. I packed sand and poured it on his face and we started struggling.


That guy beat me gan. Flinged me to the wall angry that I had the guts to attack him. I managed to escape and started shouting egbami o egbami o while running naked and barefoot at 2:30 am God I don’t deserve it. Took cash, my phones I’m just happy he didn’t get to rape or kill me.


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