Lady Cries out After she Caught a Caterer she Hired Stealing Meat and Fish (Video)

A yoruba has cried out as she was left in shock after she found out that a caterer she hired was cornering meat and fish that meant for her guests. When she confronted the caterer, she was more shocked that the caterer had intentions of taking them home, those fried meat and fish.



According to the post which was shared in Facebook group, the incident happened in Akure, the Ondo state capital Friday.


The lady had a party and contracted a caterer. While the party was going on, the caterer mentioned that meat and fish had finished.




Lady being surprised began to investigate, convinced she bought enough fish and meat for her guests.


During her search, she discovered that the caterer had stashed fried meat and fish in a room and intended to take them home.


In the video clip, the lady bitterly expressed her displeasure while displaying the baskets of fried meat she found out that was hidden by the caterer she hired.


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