Kogi State Youths must hear word, as Zubair Amoka, New Administrator of Okene LGA begins cutting of dreadlocks of Kogi youths

Dreadlocks in other parts of the world might be seen as cool expecially if the person carring the dreads was born with it.




But in Nigeria, dreads have this way making one look incrimanating especially in the western and sounthern parts of Nigeria.


In Kogi, the new Administrator Of Okene Local Government Area, Zubair Amoka, has taken to the streets to make the youth look decent by force.


Recently, he was pictured cutting the hair of a young man wearing dreadlocks.


A photo that has angered Nigerians online shows Amoka using a pair of scissors to cut the young man’s hair after making him sit on the bare floor.


A police officer armed with a gun is seen keeping watch as Amoka cuts the man’s hair.


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