Khoirul Anam The Indonesian Marries his Rice Cooker

The weirdest of things are not yet done happening in 2021 as the remaining months of the year might get wired and confusing with news like Khoirul Anam The Indonesian Marries his Rice Cooker.



It started out as a meme but quickly graduated to a full blown madness when everyone saw that truly Khoirul Anam truly got married to his rice cooler in Indonesia. (A rice cooker is an electric appliance used to make rice for everyday meals).


In a rather disturbing development, Khoirul Anam ‘s wedding ceremony to his beloved appliance went viral after he shared photos showing him dressed up in wedding attire, while supposed rice which happens to be his rice cooker dressed up with a bride’s veil.


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In the caption, the man hailed his “new bride”. He said she is “white (fair), doesn’t talk much, and great at cooking”. Khoirul Anam posted the pictures on his Facebook page to announce his marriage with the rice cooker on September 20 and since then the news has been travelling fast around several continent .


The photos have gone viral, with people sharing their opinion, surprisingly, Anam isn’t the first person to get “married” to an inanimate object.


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