Kenyan Lady, Mary Nkatha, Recounts How she Stopped Paying Tithe in Church and used the Money to build House for a Widow who Lived Next to her

Kenyan Lady Mary Nkatha

A young Kenyan lady, whose name was given as, Mary Nkatha, has narrated how she stopped paying tithes and offerings in church, saved up the money and then used it build a house for her widowed neighbour who was living in a dilapidated house, next to her.




Nkatha said she got a lucrative business deal last year and instead of making donations in church, she instead opted to save the money for a house.


Speaking to Tuko Kenya, Nkatha said she stopped giving offerings and tithes in church and decided to build a house for her neighbour who has been struggling since the death of her husband.



“After I thought about how pastors are taking advantage of other Kenyans in the name of tithe, I stopped giving in church and instead saved all that money so that I could build a house for my struggling neighbour,” she said.


Nkatha said when the idea came to mind, she approached the widow who was living in a shanty and conveyed her interest to build her a better house and she gladly accepted.


The house is now complete and her neighbour is now living comfortably, Nkatha said she still goes to church but has stopped giving tithes and offerings.



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