Kenechukwu Okeke, The Anti-Edsars Supporter murdered in Anambra

For Introductory purposes, Kenechukwu is the pro-Buharist who sued several Nigerians and other celebrities  to court after the October 2020 Endsars protest… And reports reaching this morning confirms that the staunch Bharist was found dead in Anambra state.



The motive behind his death is yet to be properly confirmed, but we can report that Mr Kenechukwu Okeke was butchered by 7 men, in Nkpor Anambra state, in the presence of his wife Mrs Blessing Odinakachi Okeke and their daughter.


After the gruesome murder and death of her husband, Mrs. Blessing Odinakachi Okeke told news men  that her husband was killed by his tenant named Chiadiobi. In her words;

Controversial activist Kenechukwu Okeke
Controversial activist Kenechukwu Okeke


 “Chiadiobi was living in our house, but when he packed out without our knowledge and asked to be given two months of his rent that he left, we told him he should have notified us that he was packing out.



“My husband was not around the day he came but I told him he packed out of the house without our knowledge and should not be given back any money.


“He threatened to deal with us, saying he will teach my husband a lesson. I called my husband and told him what the boy said and that he should not come to confront him, since they say he is a bad boy.


“My husband later reported the matter to the DSS and to the police, and he was made to write an undertaking, but he was still coming to terrorize us. Sometimes he will come to our house and break open the gate and come in and pick whatever he wants to pick.


“One day, he came to our house and my husband confronted him, without knowing that he had many boys with him downstairs, and before my husband could do anything, they macheted him, and the fuel we wanted to pour into our gen, they poured it on him and lit him up, and that was how my husband died.”


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