Keke Driver who Became Child Kidnapper Arrested in Awada Onitsha, Confesses he Receives ₦10k for Every Child he Kidnaps

Keke Driver who Became Child Kidnapper Arrested in Awada Onitsha

A keke driver who become a child kidnapper has been arrested in Onitsha Anambra state by the combined efforts of the residents and community vigilante group.



According to a video clip of the interview done by an Anambra based radio personality, the keke driver confessed that he has been into kidnapping of children for over 1 year, and was introduced to it by someone he referred to as his boss. 



He also confessed that he and his crew has been kidnapping little children in Awada, Onitsha Anambra state and its environs. The patrol in car as they stalk that they want to kidnap.


The kidnapper also confessed that they use snacks and other edibles to woo and entice the kids before grabbing that child and put him in a vehicle and speed away, adding that he don’t use any charms to entice the kids they’re about to kidnap, admitting that his colleagues (who’re also males), uses charms for the kidnapping.




When asked what they do with the kidnapped child, the keke driver confessed that they give the kidnapped child to their oga, who then kills the child and uses them for rituals.


During the interrogation, he gave up the location of his oga, whom he also said that is his brother with same father, and they’re both from Ohofia-Agba, in Ebonyi state.



He also revealed that he (their oga) lives close to Awada Police Station, before he confessed that he gets ₦10k for every child he kidnaps, same pay with his colleagues.







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