Karol G Misses a step and falls on stage while performing in Miami, what she did next stunned her fans (Video)

Carolina Giraldo Navarro popularly known with her stage name as Karol G has suffered a rather embarrassing fall on the stairs of a music stage where was about entering the arena and perform.


According to social media buzz, the 30-year old singer slipped and fell down a flight of stairs on the stage and it was not clear what caused the fall.


What stunned the excited fans was what happened next, and how she picked up herslf from such an embarrassment.


After she tumbled She stayed on the floor for a while after the fall and one of her dancers ran down to check on her.



She soon picked herself up, hyped the fans who were recording with their phones, flipped her hair, and continued performing.


It’s been reported that her nails were broken and her knee was busted following the fall, but no major or threatening injuries were sustained.


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