Karma! Armed Robber Mistakenly Gets Shot by his Colleague While Trying to Snatch Someone’s Phone at Gunpoint (Video)

Armed Thief begs for forgiveness after he was injured by his own gun while trying to snatch a phone from a passerby

An armed robber who gave his name as Maxwell from has met his own Karma after he got shot by his own armed thief/colleague while they were attempting to snatch someone’s phone at gunpoint.



While laying on the ground asking for help, he admitted that he, his colleague whom he gave his name as “Small”, and a keke rider who is there get away driver went to the operation but he was unfortunate.



His fellow thieves left him bleeding out with the gunshot wound before some residents picked him up and interrogated him, where he made the open confessions.



He said that he and his 2 colleagues wanted to shoot someone and dispose the victim of his phone and keke, but he (Maxwell) was unfortunate and was hit by the bullet.




He also admitted that the he lives in Oba, parked his own keke at Oba then went to MCC to see his mother, whom she gave her name as Franca Ogbuu, and his father, Denis Ogbuu.



He couldn’t give a detailed account of the whereabouts of his 2 colleagues, adding that the keke driver must be on higher purchase while the gun that his colleagues used to shot him was with them when they left him and ran away.








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