Kanye West to Hire Homeless People in Los Angeles to Model his New Clothing Line

American rapper, Kanye West has moved to employ homeless people in LA as models for his clothes in his next Yeezy fashion show.



Reports by TMZ reveals that the Yeezy boss who might just take his philantropy works to the next stage if he eventually pull this off, despite having to deal with the Kardashians and his kids.



Kanye disclosed to the media outlet that this initiative of employing homeless people as models, would aim to provide jobs with the Skid Row company, especially for homeless people in Los Angeles.


TMZ says the plan began when West met with Skid Row Fashion Week founder David Sabastian this month and agreed to work together on an upcoming clothing line.


Both the company would also support the homeless population by donating proceeds from the fashion event, according to the report.


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