Juju or Miracle? Thief Gets Stuck inside the Provision Shop Where he Broke in to Steal (Video)

A boy who is suspected to be in his late teens or early 20’s has been caught in-between burglary proof of a provision shop where he sneaked into to steal while the shop owner was away.



Nobody knew how he got inside, but his time was up when the shop owner who went for an errand, returned and saw the boy, stuck in-between her iron protectors.


Shop owner raised alarm which drew the attention and of people, together they asked to boy to come out the same way he entered.



His head could be seen outside as he struggled to go out of the shop. A voice could be heard saying that it is not his first time engaging in the act as karma finally decided to catch up with him.



The young boy finally went out and those men quickly grabbed him on his clothes and took off his shirt. 



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