Japanese Zoo and Museum Company, On-Art Corp, Unveils Real Life Moving Dinosaur (Video)

A real life moving Dinosaur has been unveiled in a Japanese zoo and museum. The dinosaur was tamed by the museum crew and unveiled to a live audience.




The Dinosaur is expected to be the same species that once lived the face of the earth over 150,000,000 years ago


It grows almost 10meters long and weighs over 4 tons. Despite the lengths and weight, dinosaurs can run as fast as Usain Bolt.



It is a human operated robot model of a real dinosaur Skelton, created by a Japanese company called On-Art Corp.

The company created the robotic dinosaur as a way of enabling the people to have an experience of what real life dinosaurs were like, before their extinction.



The dinosaur’s body is made of carbon fibre composite, and it is controlled by a person who is inside the robotic dinosaur.

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