Janemena Advises Ladies who uses Love Charms to trap a man (Video)

Popular Nigerian dancer on IG, Janemena, has in one of her recent skits, advices ladies who uses love charms to catch and trap a man. 


In her recent video which she titled “Sist, don’t do it Please use that money to buy yourself pizza and Ice-cream …Shop Janemenaglitz opined to her fellow ladies, that a man will Still Cheat And Dump You, even you use the most expensive love charm on him.


In a twerking video she shared on her IG page, Janemena wrote that men who are held by such charms will still cheat and dump the women who use it on them.


She further advised fellow ladies, instead of spending so much on love charm just to get a man, they should instead spend the money on themselves and give their selves a treat.


She further suggested that they should use that money to buy pizza, ice-cream or go on a shopping spree.


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