It was Very Un-Nigerian for Goodluck Johnathan to Concede Defeat in 2015 Before Formal Announcement were Made by INEC — Buhari

The out-going president Muhammadu Buhari, has opined that the act of his predecessor, and former president of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, to concede defeat, even before the formal announcement of the election result was announced by the election officials, was unprecedented and, definitely, not Nigerian.



Buhari made the assertion at a farewell meeting with his media support group, Buhari Media Organisation (BMO), at the State House, Abuja on Thursday, May 18. He recalled how the former president called him to congratulate him, adding that it was very un-Nigerian, president Buhari  said


“Jonathan called me at 5:25 that evening to say congratulations. I said pardon me Mr. President? He said yes, I called to concede and congratulate you. That was equally very un-Nigerian.”


While calling on Nigerians to walk on the path of duty if they really wanted to see the country achieve new heights, the president showered praises on members of BMO for volunteering their time and energy throughout the eight years of his administration “without salary, letter of appointment or any formal rewards, describing their sacrifices as ‘very un-Nigerian.”




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