It is Wickedness to Always use very Bitter ways to tell People the Truth — Ugezu J. Ugezu


Nollywood actor, Ugezu J. Ugezu, has said that it is not good to for a person to always use very bitter ways to tell someone the truth, and makes it worse by not caring how hurting they will feel afterwards.



The ace Nollywood actor who recently survived a ghastly motor accident with him and his family unscratched, admitted that the truth is always going to be bitter and probably sting, but people should find ways to present the truth in a manner that will make it less hurtful.


The actor shared this on his Instagram page in another of his philosophical and psychological learning, he wrote saying;



THE TRUTH IS ALWAYS BITTER. We all agree. But it is wickedness to always use very bitter ways to tell people the truth.




There are humorous ways to present the truth to people and they will take it without feeling bad. I FEEL WE ALL SHOULD LEARN THAT. @UGEZUJUGEZU WRITES


We need to learn thi UGEZUJUGEZU WRITES
We need to learn this – UGEZUJUGEZU WRITES




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