It is Idiocy for Anyone to Claim he or she Loves God — Actor Ugezu J. Ugezu Advises on Valentine day

Ace Nollywood actor, Ugezu J. Ugezu has given his 2 cents as the world marks Valentine’s day 2022. He advised against the ideas of some people who say it’s wrong to map out one day in the whole world to celebrate love.



He added that such persons do not show love at all, and should abolish the wisdom of saying it’s good not to do good or give arms to other people every once in a while. 


He posted in his verified Instagram page, saying;


So many people who say it is wrong to set out just one day in the year to show love, DO NOT EVEN SHOW LOVE AT ALL. There are people who see it as wisdom, never to give out anything.




BUT GIVERS NEVER LACK. One way or the other, Chi Ukwu will always show Himself for them. SHOW LOVE ALWAYS



He made this post, with a caption, advising that you can’t say you love God that no eyes have not seen, but fail to show love to people around you. He further described people of such acts as Jokers wearing the garment of holiness.



 He wrote saying;


It is idiocy for anyone to claim he or she loves God.. (Who no eyes have seen). When he or she has not shown love to the human beings he or she sees everyday.



Such deadly brethren who claim they give offerings to God and make sacrifices to Yahweh are sabotaging peoples progress and sitting on peoples promotion files and documents.



Jokers wearing the garment of holiness. Humanity is the number 1 religion. One love brethren.





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