Is This Love or Stupidity — Nigerian Man Proposes To His Girlfriend With a Benz Car, Few Days to Valentine

February is usually a month of love, the aroma can be very intoxicating especially for the young people as the real esscence of love celebrated on Valentines day and whole of February can be easily be misunderstood.



However, the deal between this 2 cannot be concluded upon, as some internet users found it to be an act of foolishness while some saw it as act of love.


This debate went on and on as no one could agree whether this fellow that gifted a brand new Benz Mercedes car to his girlfriend as marriage proposal gift, is either crazy or stupid or both.



Ahead of Valentine’s day, a Nigerian man has spoilt his girlfriend with a car gift. The man gave his wife-to-be a brand new Mercedez Benz as gift while proposing marriage to her.

A video of the special moments captured on camera has now been shared online, leaving many to ask God to do it for them.



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