IPOB Speaks Against Sheik Gumi for Comparing IPOB with Killer bandits

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) through its spokesperson, Emma Powerful had condemned a comment bad by a controversial islamic cleric Sheik Ahmad Gumi, for making comparison and linking IPOB to bandits in one of his recent comments.



Gumi while reacting to the news of the FG declaring bandits as terrorist, on Saturday in which he said that “Declaring bandits as terrorists won’t change anything” hinted that IPOB have killed scores in recent times but the FG has failed to tag them as terrorist. 


In responce to that comparison, IPOB has replied Gumi in a statement which was released through Emma Powerful saying;



“In case, Gumi has forgotten, Fulani bandits and herdsmen are already designated the fourth deadliest terror organisation in the world.


But IPOB as a peaceful Movement maintains its presence in over 100 countries of the world without any molestations,” the spokesperson of the group, Emma Powerful, in a statement on Sunday.

“It’s only in Nigeria that Gumi and his likes will liken IPOB to a terror group that it is not. What a blackmail. “Can the mischievous Gumi be honest to tell the world if IPOB has kidnapped anybody at any time and demanded ransom for him to liken us with bandits?”

Mr Powerful added IPOB will maintain its peaceful nature with a vision of restoring the Sovereign State of Biafra.


“We believe in peaceful restoration of Biafra and our philosophy has not changed.” IPOB also would like to remind Nigerians what Sheik Gumi’s true colours are.

“It’s because of hypocrites like him that bandits and terrorists keep spilling blood across the country as they know he will always make a case for them.
“Were Nigeria to be a sane society, Gumi and his types should have been serving their jail terms for their unhidden sympathy for terrorists. “An advocate of bandits can’t claim to be a true Islamic cleric,” 

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