Interview: Meet Ekuma Jeremiah Iziogo, The Pure Water Hawker Showed Kindness to Prisoners in Lagos (Video)

A table water seller was spotted in a Lagos traffic by a photographer, as the water seller was giving money to inmates who are being transported to prison after their sentencing.



The photographer shared the clip online which was recorded without the boy’s knowledge and many internet users were amazed with such of level of kindness the boy was seen, showing to the prisoners.


Later on, the boy was interviewed by a videographer and asked him what inspired him to start giving money to the prisoners, in his words, Jeremiah answered;



Nothing inspired me, I simply put myself in their shoes and imagined what it would feel like if my freedom was taken away or restricted. 


It is not that I am poor, but I not as rich as other celebrities either, but I get to eat what I want, and go where I want. Ever since my life I have not had any issues with the police before, neither have I gone to a police station before.



What Jeremiah was seen doing melted the hearts of many, several Nigerian sent donations to his Zenith bank account, from the comments section, a man promised to give him a car if anyone could get his contact.


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