International NGO, INTERSOS, Suspends Staff who Raped Female IDP, Aisha Umar, in Borno

INTERSOS, an international non-governmental organization, working in IDP camp in Maiduguri has reportedly sacked one of their workers, Mr Huzaif Adam, 35, for raping a female IDP in Borno whose name was given as Aisha Umar.


CONTINUE READING BELOW reported that Aisha Umar who does menial jobs for a living, took her own life after she was raped by Huzaif Adam, who in his apartment after Huzaif Adam lured her to his apartment in the guise of a cleaning job.


Eyewitness told the authorities that the victim, who was traumatized after Adam had raped her, rushed to Adam’s kitchen and picked up a knife that she used to stab herself. She died moments later after she was rushed to the hospital.


Head of Mission INTERSOS, Enka Chau, who confirmed Mr Huzaif Adam’s suspension from the organization, revealed in a statement saying that the suspect also caused a traffic accident leading to the injury of another person. The statement reads;


“We are saddened to inform you that one of our Nigerian staff members is currently held in police custody in Maiduguri. He is accused of having committed rape and other violence connected with the death of a woman, as well as having caused a traffic accident leading to the injury of another person,” the statement reads.



“The incident happened in Maiduguri town. Upon learning about this terrible incident, we have immediately suspended the staff, who was off duty and on vacation when the incident happened. As the investigation is ongoing, we will closely monitor the development and take appropriate actions accordingly.


“We express our deep sorrow to the families of the victims. At this moment we are focusing on gathering additional information, and providing the necessary assistance to the authorities.


“INTERSOS has a zero-tolerance policy against any form of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV). Our recruitment process follows strict and detailed guidelines in compliance with the organizations “Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse policy”, and its implementation is constantly followed up by a dedicated unit.


We are also part of the Inter-Agency Scheme for the Disclosure of Safeguarding-related Misconduct in the Recruitment Process within the Humanitarian and Development Sector.


“As we go through this difficult time, we kindly ask you to share any information you may receive regarding the case with me at [email protected], while we stay at your disposal for any further questions.


“We appreciate your discretion in sharing and circulating only officially confirmed and reliable information, and not to circulate this message further.”


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