Instead of Jungle Justice, Thief Forced to Clean a Street Gutters With his Bare hands (Video)

Instead of Jungle Justice Thief Forced to Clean a Street Gutter With his Bare hands

A perpetual petty thief has has been nabbed by residents of a community in Ghana, instead of given him a jungle justice, they gave him an unsuitable alternative which he welcomed with two hands.




The thief who has been caught on several occasions for breaking and entering, was nabbed again last week while attempting to steal from a shop in Accra, Ghana.  



Eyewitnesses said the suspect entered the shop under the pretense of buying some items. He was caught by the shop owner after stealing, and thereafter forced to clean a gutter in the area.



The angered residents resorted to giving him a community service instead of stoning him to death, burning him alive or rendering any other form or jungle justice.




The seized him and mandated him to clear the dirty gutters along the streets where he’s been caught before, with no shovel and hoe, but with his bare hands.



He obliged without further argument, because the alternative of going to prison, or death, wasn’t ok with him 







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