Instead of Demoting Police Officers for Misconduct, Demote them or Reduce Their Salary — Actress Shan George (Video)

Nigerian Actress Shan George

Nigerian actress and film maker Shan George, has kicked against the dismissal of certain police officers by the Nigerian Police Command, for unruly behaviour, disobedience to a direct order, manhandling of civilians amongst others.




The shared her opinion in an instagram video on Saturday, while recounting how 3 police officers were dismissed and de-kitted from the force in the month of August for gross misconduct. The actress who was recently involved with a s1x scandal with Apostle Suleman, offered that such police officers should be punished instead of an dismissing them from the force.


In her opinion, she said that such officers if found guilty of misconduct by the disciplinary committee, should be demoted, or have their salaries deducted, re-orientated but not dismissed from service. In her words; she said;

“As Long As They Didnt Kill Anyone. Suspend Them, Demote Them, Cut down their Salary, Re-orientate Them, But Don’t Dismiss PoliceMen. #nigeriapolice #nigeriagovernment #stopdismissingpolicemen


However, she met several individuals with different opinion on the comments section who maintained that the dismissal of such police officers is the best line of action. And that placing such strict rule on police officers will limit the abuse done to innocent civilians.




In this month of August, 3 police officers has been dismissed from the force of gross misconduct officer, Officer Richard Gele, dismissed after he was caught on camera saying that he doesn’t collect change as bribe, and his CO knows about it because he shares the money with him.



Officer Liyomo Oko, dismissed after he was caught on camera flogging a civilian with a machete and Corporal Opeyemi Kadiri, dismissed after he was caught checking someone’s phone in a checkpoint without the owner’s consent. 







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