Instagram Comedian and Skit Maker, Cute Abiola, Thanks Friends and Family for Their Support, Shares Photos of him After Detention and Punishment

Nigerian Instagram Comedian and Skit Maker Cute Abiola shared  the first photo of him after he one detained and punished by the Nigerian Navy for one month for violating one of their policies on Social media.



He was released on Sunday and was re-united with his family on Monday. He thanked his friends, colleagues and and Family for Their Support, especially after the report went live that he’s missing.


After several report that he’s missing, the Nigerian Navy later came out to clarify that its personnel, OSCOMP Abdulgafar Ahmad, aka Lawyer Kunle was detained for wearing police uniform in one of his skits and for ridiculing the Nigeria Police Force in the process.



Sources close to the family revealed to that Lawyer Kunle who was picked up at office on November 14 has been in Naval detention. On December 3, he was granted a conditional release but was not given access to his family and lawyers.


He took to his Instagram page to share photos of himself with the tag;

”You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. THANK YOU ALL”



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