Inmates Accepts Seun Kuti as Daddy G.O After he Paid 25,000, Gifts Him Bible as he Leads Prayer Sessions

The inmates at the Lagos State Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department, SCIID, Panti, Yaba, where popular Nigerian afro-singer, Seun Kuti, is currently remanded, for assaulting a police officer, has crowned the singer the general overseer of his cell and gifted him a copy of the bible as an instrument of his office.



VanguardNGR reported that after Seun was taken to the cell to join other suspected criminals, his first shocker was the hoarse, deep baritone voice of the leader of the inmates who directed him to keep standing. A few minutes later, a crisis erupted inside the cell as the inmates were said to have rejected him. The inmates were banging on their metal protective door, asking that Seun should be taken out of the cell.


Seun was reportedly infuriated by the ugly development that played out that he refused to eat the food provided for him including the food brought by his wife. The hunger strike continued for almost a day and a half until he finally started eating. The climax of the drama was that the inmates later crowned him the General Overseer of the cell and a bible was handed over to him. That means that he is presently leading the inmates in prayer sessions whenever the need arises after which they would all chorus: GO, GO.


According to the report, Seun was seen clutching the Bible tightly with his left hand while climbing the stairs leading to the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge, Waheed Ayilara, on Friday afternoon. He was later led down the stairs and back into the cell.




Sources said those who have visited the embattled singer are his elder brother, Femi, and other family members as well as his lawyers and some friends.

The report quotes sources as saying that as the uproar by the inmates escalated, Seun started negotiating for peace to reign. That was when he noticed that the commotion his presence caused and his rejection by the inmates attracted little or no attention from the police guards. At that stage, he reportedly promised to dole out N25,000 to them and he was directed to produce it without delay.



He had to beg for a phone to call his wife who quickly brought the money which was handed over to their leader. The inmates subsequently accepted him (Seun) and provided a space for him to sit down.




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