Influencer Sonia Ali Looks Exactly Like Kim Kardashian

Influencer Sonia Ali Looks Exactly Like Kim Kardashian – and internet users have branded social media Influencer ‘Kim Kardashian’s clone’ because of how much she looks like Kim Kardashian.




In the past, several internet users and even in real life have sometimes, or most times (for strangers), mistaken Sonia Ali for the mum-of-four and now, her recent pictures as she gets older have heightened things even more.

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The 26-year-old social media star shared new photos to her Instagram this week and fans couldn’t believe how much she looked like Kim Kardashian, only younger, hence they branded her the reality star’s “clone”.


Influencer Sonia Ali

A follower commented on Sonia’s photo: “Helloooo Kim doppelganger.”

Another wrote: “Kim clone.”

The social media Influencer Sonia Ali was born in London but is now based in Dubai. She shares her Instagram account with sister Fyza, who has also been compared to Kylie Jenner in the past.


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