Imo State Politician, Hon. Collins Chiji, Fights in Public Meeting after he was told not to Contest Again Because of his 4yrs of Poor Performance (Video)

Imo state politician and house of assembly member, Hon. Collins Chiji has angrily pushed down a table using a hosting a community and constituency meeting where the next member that will represent the eziama community in Imo state house of assembly member will emerge.




The Hon. Collins Chiji, a former speaker, was angered and offended when one of the members of his constituents told him that he did nothing throughout his 4 years tenure as the politician who represented their community.


The constituent who gave his name as Adindu, asked the politician if he forgot anything at the government house, and the politician replied he forgot this underpants at the government house.



Hon. Chiji tried shutting him down before angrily pushing the table with refreshment down and moving towards him.

The meeting became noisy and a serious argument erupted among the member who found it funny while others were offended for being told the truth.



Several internet users praised the young man for his courage of the young man who boldly told the politician that he didn’t achieve anything for his constituent during his 4-year tenure.


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