Imo State man Kills his Anambra wife after 1month of Wedding

Reports reaching is that this young Man pictured above is from Isiala Mbano IMO state, Married the young girl on the 18th September and not even up-to 1month of their wedding, He killed the young girl, recorded an audio when during the time when he was intentionally killing the girl. He then had the guts to Call the father of the girl and asked them to come and carry the Corpse of the girl.



The whole family of the boy ran away from their houses because the parents of the girl will arrest anyone they see in that house. They were no where to be found. The voice behind the Picture is the Uncle to the Boy, and He said that they’re afraid to visit Orumba in Anambra State to see the family of the girl. They’re scared because they don’t know if they family of the girl will let them leave their house alive if they ever visit.



No they’re making this upload to go viral. The last report made was that the young man was seen at Cameroon Embassy. Please if you see this young man on this video, arrest him and send us a message through contact Info. The family of the young man promise to pay a huge amount of money to anyone who got him arrested.


No matter the state or country you doing him. Please do well to share this post, let’s in one heart and in one mind get justice for the family of the deceased. The guy must found to face the consequences of what he did, Because he did it intentionally not by accident.


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