Ikorodu Residents Block IKEDC office as They Protest 5Years of no Light and no Transformer Despite Paying ₦1.7m to the Electricity Company(Video)

Ikorodu Residents Protest After Long Time of no Light and no Transformer

Residents of Ikorodu on early hours of Thursday, 10th March 2022, held a peaceful protest at the front gate of the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company, (IKEDC) as they demanded for their transformer.




It was gathered that their community transformer got faulty about 5years ago, the electricity company came and took the transformer, and promised to repair it and install it back for the community.



After a while, the community was billed ₦2.1m to fix the transformer, which they all tasked themselves and raised ₦1.7m which they’ve paid. But ever since then, they’ve been staying without electric supply, except at the mercy of generators, and the people who they paid the money to are not giving them any response.



So this morning, they took it upon themselves to host a peaceful protest at the entrance gate of IKEDC office, demanding that 2 transformers should be given to them, as 1 was taking to much load, which made it it spoil.




You can watch a second video from the protest on LatestNGnews.com Instagram page






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