Igbos call out Air Peace for Charging Twice and Triple for Flights to Eastern Nigeria

Some Igbos of the Eastern part of Nigeria has taken to several social media platform to call out Chief Allen Onyema’s Air Peace for charging double and triple of its price on all of its south-eastern routes.



The call was made on the basis that South-East routes of Air peace are usually the most busy route of the airline and should thus have some sort of discount, given the amount of passengers and customers the airline enjoys from the south easterners.


The call also cited that Chief Allen Onyema is an Igbo and as such, should have help his igbo brothers and sisters enjoy a discounted price of flight ticket or at least pay the same price with the other routes, like that of Lagos to Abuja and to other northern states.



Several pictures of flight tickets were shared online showing the different destinations and routes covered by Air peace, starting from Lagos to Abuja which costs ₦30,000 as at 10th December 2021, compared to the price of flight ticket from Lagos to Asaba, which costs ₦80,000, ₦95,000 and ₦110,000 respectively. 


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