Igbo Speaking Fulani Street Beggar Denies Being a Fulani in order to get Money from a Possible Donor (Video)

A video of an unidentified fulani woman has surfaced online where she bluntly denied being a fulani in order to compel and entice the heart of an unidentified Igbo man to give her money in the spirit of Christmas.



The video started by the woman showing the Igbo guys her daughter, she now asked the man to do Christmas for her, so she and her family can eat, that God will bless him for anything he gifts her (the beggar).


The man responded asking the woman that he thought she’s a fulani, that’s why he was scared of helping her by giving her some money. But the woman responded immediately that she is not a fulani. 



She continued by saying that the fulani people are now slaughtering human beings like fowls and chickens, God forbid, she’s one of them.


The woman identified herself as a Nigerien, saying that the fulanis are now killing her people (Nigeriens) like fowls. She further explained that the fulanis kills mostly their men and rape their women.



This video was originally recorded in Igbo language and was translated to LatestNGnews.com staff by a twitter user who reposted the video online.


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