Igbo Man, Olisa Igbonwa, Allegedly ‘Buried Alive’ In Alor, Anambra State (Video)

Igbo Man Olisa Igbonwa Allegedly ‘Buried Alive In Alor Anambra State

An Igbo man identified as Olisa Igbonwa, has been allegedly buried alive by his kinsmen and villagers, at Alor, Anambra state, on 26th February 2022, for committing a sacrilege which goes against the laws of the land and refusing to show remorse for his actions.




LatestNGnews.com gathered that the said Olisa Igbonwa, took it upon himself to take the ‘Ichie Ngene’ title, which is connected to the sacred Ngene deity if the Alor Kingdom. This act alone is unacceptable in the kingdom, because their cannot be more than 1 Ichie Ngene at a time, according to a decree they collectively made some years ago.




After Olisa Igbonwa took the title, he was given 6 months to come and seek for forgiveness, adding that he will be forgiven with punishment since he’s a son of the kingdom, but instead of coming back like the prodigal son and asking for forgiveness, he challenged the the elders of the land, adding that they won’t do anything.




After his 6months period of grace expired in January, the elders of the land and the villagers, both young and old, collectively buried him alive, and made some bad utterances in his name.





One of the village youth who spoke to LatestNGnews.com revealed that the said Mr Olisa Igbonwa was not physically present inside the coffin, that this practice of ‘burying’ him alive is demonstration of his banishment from the community…




…saying that members of the community would not be brave enough to commit such atrocity, let alone making a video of themselves and posting it online, adding that 2 wrongs can never make a right.



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