Igbo Man from Nnobi, Mr Uzoma Isaiah, Manufactures Fully Working Mobile Phone With Scraps (Video)

Mr Uzoma Isaiah Manufactures Fully Working Mobile Phone With Scraps

An Igbo man who gave his name as Uzoma Isaiah has manufactured a fully working mobile phone that does the  basic functions of a mobile phone which is to call and send text message.




The man who came to Radio Sapientia, Onitsha to showcase his works, and was interview popular OAP, Mazi Ifeanyi Orakwue, a.k.a huge man, said that he is from Nnobi, in Anambra state.


He started that the research of manufacturing the mobile phone took him over 1 year, and he completed the production of his first mobile phone production in January 2022.


Mr Uzoma Isaiah also added that he would love to make improvements on the phone, like adding a better screen, preferably a Nokia screen, so that the phone can be sellable, in the second version.




In the third version, Mr Uzoma Isaiah said that he plans to make more improvements with the addition of LED touch screens, which will change the LCD screen in the first version of the mobile phone



Describing his product, he said that the phone was made with regular things that can be bought in Nigerian market, adding that the keypad and LCD screens, with proper funding, can be improved in the next updates.



He raveled that he’s a graduate of electrical engineering, while pleading for individuals or the government to give him an electrical contract which he and his team can execute, and raise money from there, to fund his project.





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