IG Amebo — Mr Ubi Franklin will Arrest Anyone Who will Address Him as “Father Abraham, Serial Baby Daddy”

Popular Instagram Ameba known as Cutie__juls has claimed that Mr Ubi Franklin will arrest anyone who will try to troll him and refer him as “Serial Baby Daddy”




Cutie__juls who made his revelation on their IG page noted that it came from a reliable source, adding that Ubi Franklin is quite displeased by the title given.


The handle also revealed that the fact that Ubi Franklin ‘s last child is about 3 years old which shows that the last time he impregnated a lady was about four years ago.


Hence netizens are warned to desist from addressing him in such a manner or risk being thrown behind bars. The report reads:



Guys please let’s be guarded. Ubi genuinely doesn’t like this tag. The source said his last child is almost 3 which means the last time he got someone pregnant is almost 4 years ago.


In that space, he’s achieved so many positive things which can be used to describe him instead of the “Father Abraham” etc tag.


Also remember mental health is real. Please let’s be kind to him and give him this request as his birthday present.

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Thank you and God bless us all. Happy birthday Ubi Franklin. Cheers to all that you’ve achieved. And I can’t wait to celebrate your graduation and call to the Bar.


God bless you @ubifranklinofficial


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