If you Pray or Sing for a Politician at Their event, you have Automatically Endorsed that Candidate — Akah Nnani

Akah Nnani

Nigerian actor, Akah Nnani, has advised his colleagues, both actors and singers, to turn down offers coming from politicians, adding that whether you pray or sing at their rally, that you have automatically endorsed that candidate.




He said “it is not by screaming about what is wrong with the country when it’s convenient”, he also urged his colleagues to decide if they want to be on the side of the “old systems” or on the side of the people.


Akah Nnani stressed that public figures don’t have the luxury to take their work or public figures very lightly, charging his colleagues in the industry to act with purpose, and be burdened with posterity. 


Posting on his IG page on Friday, Akah Nnani said;

We have to start choosing sides now. This is a public announcement to all but especially to my fellow colleagues.



It’s not by screaming about what’s wrong with the country when it’s convenient. It’s hard sometimes but you have to turn down that money. We already know who our enemies are. From now, you have to decide on whose side you are on. Are you for the people or are you for the old systems?





It’s that simple. Are you for the money? Are you for the generation that has failed us time and time again? And dealt wickedly with is during the protests?




Or are you about looking for alternatives and the new generation and using your platform and the gift of influence that you have to spread hope for a better future?



Answer these questions now and choose your side. But whatever you choose, stay consistent. BLESS!


Akah Nnani Advice to his collegues
Akah Nnani Advice to his colleagues




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