If it takes you 3-Months Salary to Raise your Yearly House Rent, You’re Working for Landlord — Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo

Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo, popularly known as OurFavOnlineDoc, has stated that any young Nigerian who it takes 3months salary to raise a yearly house rent, is simply working for his or her landlord.



He urged young people to live in an economic apartment where they don’t have to spend so much of their time in raise their house rents. He also opined that persons who find themselves in such apartment should simply move out.


Posting on his twitter page on Saturday morning, Dr. Harvey stressed that the goal is to be actually rich, even if you don’t look rich. Instead of living in an expensive apartment, looking rich but NOT ACTUALLY RICH. 


His tweet reads;

As a rule, if your monthly rent is more than 3 months of your salary/income put together, you are working for your landlord. If it takes you more than 3months salary to pay one month rent, you need to move out.


You are not impressing anyone. You are making a fool of yourself. “If it takes you more than 3months salary to pay one year rent, you need to move out.” **** This is what I meant to say in the second paragraph.

See ehn

3months of your salary is 25% of your annual salary. That’s 1/4 of what you make/earn for the whole year.



If you give 1/4 (or more) of what you earn in a whole year to someone in the name of rent, then my brother you are working for your landlord. Stop fooling yourself.

Except of course such housing is giving you access to greater financial benefits or otherwise, then it makes a whole lot of sense. And that will mean technically, you are making more money than you are spending on the rent.


But if this does not apply to you, My guy, move out. And don’t get me wrong; I am NOT saying this will be easy. It’s a decision that may mean you (temporarily) give up a house you really wish to live in. But that’s what being a man is all about. You must be able to give up temporary pleasures because you see the bigger picture.


And as a man/woman with a family and responsibilities, you must always think of ways to SAVE MORE money- not ways to SPEND MORE or LOSE MORE money to potentially avoidable things like expensive housing (especially if you have other options). It’s always better to think this way.



Of course eventually, as you move up in life/career, and you make far more money, you can easily then move in to the house 🏡 of your dreams (whether rented, mortgaged or fully paid for). So the point really is:




As much as you have the option to; Pls never live beyond your means.



Apparently there will always be people who unfortunately may not have any option and sadly have to pay too much for where they stay. You have my sympathies.


But pls have a long term plan:
Don’t put too many years into a job that requires 3months salary to pay your annual rent.


And finally, MOST people have options. But the allure of the fine things of life and the unhealthy peer pressure of “I want to bamba” “I want to be seen as a big girl” “I’m also a big boy” has made many people take very stupid decisions. You know it. But we all lie to ourselves.


Anyway I’ve explained what I personally think is really your best approach if you are just starting out in life (or already in the journey of life).




The choice is yours to make. But as long as I have options: I will not be using 1/4 of my annual salary to pay rent. Thank you.



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