If I Ever Have Another bae, I will Never Put him Online Because I don’t Want You People to Destroy, it Like you Destroyed my First Marriage — Korra Obidi (Video)

US-based Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, has vowed never to put her personal (relationship) life again on social media again, should she ever get herself another man.


Korra made these claim in a video she posted online, adding that she wouldn’t want the people online to destroy her relationship the same way they destroyed her first marriage with Justin.



She revealed that many social media users used to send her estranged husband messages daily to report her online activities to him, she also blamed them for this, adding that these actions summed up for breaking up her marriage.


Though she got herself a new house, settled in and got herself a new fancy ride not long after, Korra maintained that the “jealous” online critics the the ones that made her estranged husband, Justin Dean, to band throw her out of his house just 5 days after childbirth. Her exact words were;


“If I have another bae, I will never ever put him online. You people will destroy it like you destroyed my first marriage.” “I will hide it from you jealous goat mouths,”





“I remember those times, someone will go and email him, ‘Look at what your wife is doing. Look at what your wife is doing.’ Every day.



“How will he not run away? How will he not disappear? How will he not tell me, ‘ka, pack out of my house’ at five days postpartum? How will he not do that?”








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