If Everyone Becomes Kings or Queen, Who will be the Subjects? — Actor Ugezu Ugezu Asks

Ace Nollywood actor, Ugezu J. Ugezu, has asked a question to young men and ladies of his followers and general public who always claim to be a king or queen. 



Posting on his verified IG page on Thursday morning, Ugezu wrote;



It is disturbing how everyone is claiming to be KING and QUEEN. If everyone becomes KING and QUEEN, who then will be the subjects? It is established that GIDIGIDI BU UGWU EZE. If everyone is KING, where is the GIDIGIDI?


Even men who cannot convincingly win elections in their micro families, are coming out to represent the macro south in the presidential election.

clipimage 9

Everyone MUST NOT BE KING. Some people are more honorable when they say and do nothing.




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