Ice Cream Seller couldn’t hold his Tears of Joy After Receiving ₦200k From Nigerians (Video)

A local ice cream seller has been filled with tears of joy and laughter, after he was surprised by several well-meaning Nigerians who did a crowdfund and raised money for him to support his business.




The ice cream seller was presented with the sum of ₦200,000 donation which mostly came from a lady identified as  Lagos based lady who was identified as Joy Ondekuin.



She gifted him the money donated by Nigerians after a video of her interacting with him had previously gone viral. In a new heartwarming clip, Ahuoiza paid the man another visit and informed him that her followers on Instagram donated money which amounted to N200k.





The moment he took the cash, he broke into wild jubilation and people in the environment also joined to celebrate with him.




The Ice cream seller had revealed that he’s been business for two decades but making tangible sales to transform his life was difficult.









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