I will win Grammy with my Music, Otherwise There Will Be War — Zazuu zeh Singer, Portable

If I Dont Win Grammy There Will Be War – Singer Portable

Popular Nigerian singer and singer of a the Zazuu street jam, Habeeb Okikiola aka Portable, has made it known that his eyes are on wining the prestigious Grammy awards.



In an exclusive with Punchnews, the zazuu crooner noted that there will be war if he doesn’t win the award, he added that he doesn’t merit his sudden rise to stardom, but still, grace found him and made him a celebrity.



The native of Ogun state gave a lowdown of his background, saying he was born in Sango Ota, grew up in Mushin Agege, but started his music career in Abuja.




The father of two also alleged that stars are fond of ripping off upcoming artistes in the music industry. Portable had earlier announced his US tour scheduled to commence May 2022 and end on June 2022.



Portable will visit Houston and Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Phoneix, Arizona, Pennsylvania; San Francisco, Rhode Island, New York City and Other major cities. 





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