I Represented Nigeria Olympics and Now The Have Abandoned me

Recent Photos of IronBar Bassey was met with sad and mood feelings when an image of the current state of life for the man that represented his country in the 1984 Olympics resurfaced the on the internet. 



It all started when some concerned individuals started looking for  a way to reward a random man that is always doing one sort of community service or the other, like directing traffic, fixing portholes, or clearing the waterways.. 


IronBar Bassey at Olympic Games in 1984 where he represented his country
How did an international athlete when from this to this
IronBar Bassey in 2021

According to a tweet by a user, it reads: There’s this guy with really long dreads that wears a crotchet bonnet & a sleeveless vest, always doing one sort of community service or the other around Ajah-Addo-Badore axis. I wonder who he is. He seems like a selfless person with a curious story.

Answers later came in and surprisingly it turned to be to be an Olympian popularly known as IronBar Bassey & he represented Nigeria in Weightlifting in 1984 Olympics games that ran from July 28 to August 12, 1984, mainly in Los Angeles, California, United States.

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