I Never Knew my Song “Shey You Dey Whine Me Ni” would go Viral on TikTok — Singer, AustinedebullSpeaks

Singer AustinedebullSpeaks

Austine Emmanuel, fondly known as Austinedebull, the popular Nigerian singer and rave of the moment, and the crooner of popular street gospel music track,  ‘Shey you dey whine me ni’, has talked about his music. He revealed  how his hit single ‘Shey you dey whine me ni’ went viral on TikTok Nigeria, and he didn’t know it was going to be viral sensation.





In an exclusive chat with The Nation, the drummer-turned-singer said: “The calling came in 2020 but I never paid attention to it so when it keep coming around until 2022 this year I decided to pay attention to it that’s how it started that I came up with the song.




“During the video shoot, I did some behind the scenes with my phone camera so I posted it on my TikTok page just to create awareness that something big was coming though I never had any audience it was some people I had on my Tiktok that started posting and that’s how it blew up.”



Translating the single which according to him is a gospel song, he said: “it is a Christian song but it is a mixture of a street slang and local dialect which is the Ogoni dialect, it means in English ‘who say make I no praise God shey you dey whine me ni’ and in Ogoni “Mena kon ma le da Badi Shey you dey whine mi ni ?”.




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