I de service my wife inside this flood, and she service me as well, Displaced Flood Victim Narrates new Challenges (Video)

This flood is a very big problem, e de beat us home and away, we eat, bath, poo, inside this flood, even my wife and I service each other inside this flood.. these are the words of a Nigerian Father who narrated to the camera, the new challenges he faces due to the flooding in Nigeria.



The flood which began about 2 months ago, has now affect many communities in Nigeria, across 36, out of 36 states in Nigeria, with speculations that it might reach almost through November before minimal effects of the floods are seen.


Several Nigerian have been displaced by this flood, several businesses affected, farmlands, houses, etc, have all been destroyed, and people have been forced to improvise by using wooden canoe for as their means of transportation.



Several of these residents affected by this flood are living on the mercies of the donations by volunteers and government agencies, many laments they cook, bath, even drink the flood water as the source of the water have all been affected.


In other parts of the Nigeria where there are no floods, businesses have also been affected as several connecting roads have been cut off, so no means of transporting goods and other food items, this in turn made the price of the available food items to skyrocket. 




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