I am Still a Virgin at 32-years old but my body craves for scx sometimes — Zukiswa Joyi

32 Years old Virgin Zukiswa Joyi

32-years old virgin, Zukiswa Joyi, from South-Africa, has revealed she still have urges and hunger for scx at 32, despite choosing a life of celibacy, till she gets married.




Zukiswa who revealed last year that she’s choosing this celibate life, becuause she’s from a family of long lineage of broken home and poverty, added that she’s also on a mission to break generational curses which has been caused by immorality, made this revelation via a post she made on his page on Thursday.


According to the choir worship leader and part-time Law student at the University of South Africa, she said she’s a human being with hormones, and such she gets those sxcual urges, but remaining a virgin at her age took serious prayer and fasting. 


In her words, Zukiswa said;


“I’m not a Virgin by Accident at the age of 32. I had to make some serious decisions and set some boundaries, I had to pray, I had to fast, I’m not a rock,


I’m human I’ve got hormones, my body craves for sex sometimes (incase you think your sexual cravings are anything special, so you feel you must satisfy them) No Sir, We tame our flesh through the Holy Ghost, If you submit your flesh to the Holy Spirit he will help you.


How did I overcome and still overcoming by God’s grace? I unpack all this in my book titled “The Horny Virgin” that will be launched soon.” 


My body craves for sex sometimes 32 year old South African virgin says
My body craves for scx sometimes – 32 year old South African virgin says






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