Husband Spotted Begging his Sister in-law to give him Kpekus, Promised to buy her iPhone if she Agrees (Video)

Husband Spotted Begging his Sister in law to give him Kpekus

A man has been seen in a video at the moment he was making an attempt to have a canal knowledge of her wife’s younger sister. In a video which was obtained by, the wife’s didn’t consent to it.



She was seen rejecting the man’s (who is believed to be his brother in-law) advances, as she maintained that doing it will hurt her sister, and so she wouldn’t do it, even if she wanted to. Her exact words were;



” I don’t want to hurt my sister. She has been too good to me. Please put on your shirt and stop touching me.”


The video of the incident was secretly recorded in a bathroom, probably by someone else who is a member or the family that has been suspecting of foul play.




The man was seen in the video as he removed his top dress and tried to woo the girl by promising to buy her iPhone if she would allow him have his way.








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