Husband and Wife, Mr & Mrs Uti Ugbonaya who Seized Starved #babyChidubem to Death has been arrested

Mr and Mrs Uti Ugbonaya, the husband and wife who seized 5-month-old baby, Chidubem and starved him to death has been arrested. The were arrested by the Lagos State Police on Saturday.



It was alleged that madam Tina seized a baby who’s name was given as Chidubem, from her 19-year-old employee after the teen mom failed to pay up the money she (madam Tina) paid to clear her (the employee’s) hospital debt.


After much pressure, Miss Tina later released the child to the mother, however in a very poor state as he had lost so much weight. The baby sadly passed away last night.



Activist Harrison Gwamnishu who is demanding justice for the baby’s mum, gave an update on the matter. According to him, Ms Tina has been arrested and detained at the Divisional Police station in Ajah.


”The face of Madam Tina Ogbonnaya, currently detained at Divisional Police Station Ajah, Lagos State. We commend the division police for their job BUT want the case transferred to Homicide department SCID.


Thank you all for your support”


You can follow this link to watch the live interview conducted by Punch news with the suspects


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